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the tear at your chin

10 March
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311, 60s-70s, acrylic oil painting, african djembe hand drums, anti-war discrimintion oppression, art, babies, backs, bellies, berkeley california, bjork, bob marley, body heat, breezes, buddhism, cajun, cats, cheek bones, chihuahuas, chinese, clay, cleavage, concerts, cooking, cord pants, cosmic bowling, cream, curls, cursive, dashboard confessional, deep voices, donnie darko, dr. scholl's, drawing, dreadlocks, empire records, europe, eye drops, eye lashes, eyeliner, feminine products, festivals, floss, forehead sweat, french, furniture, galleries, gauged ears, glass, goof balls, goose bumps, green, heavy breathing, hinduism, hip bones, hippie dances, home-made hand-made, hot hot heat, imperfections, incense, incubus, india, janis joplin, jazz, jimi hendrix, jogging, justice, kegels, kisses, laughing, lauyrn hill, lawn seats, led zeppelin, licking, lips, long baths, long hair, lotion, maps, massages, mdfmk, meditation, middle eastern cultures, minimalists, moles, music, naked-ness, neck cracking, nirvana, oil painting, orgasms, oriental culture, originality, outdoors, papaya, pears, peircings, pet rats, philosophy, phish, photography, pineapple, pink floyd, prog rock, protests, psychedelia, purell, rage against the machine, rasputina, reading, relaxation, running, rusted root, sandalwood, scars, shows, sidewalk sleepers, sinatra, singing, skateboarding, skirts, sleeping, sleepless in seattle, socialism, soundgarden, spines, stretching, sublime, sun, taj mahal, tantric exercise, tea, tears, the clash, the cure, the postal service, the who, the wonder years, the word odd, third nipples, tool, vietnamese, vw's, water, weird toes, wind, wine, writing